Bowstring Advisors Attends ASA Staffing World Conference Oct 15 – 17

  • Human Capital Management

October 15, 2019

Jim Childs, Alan Bugler and Dave Phillips from Bowstring’s Human Capital Management group will attend ASA Staffing World October 15 – 17, 2019 in Las Vegas.

One of Bowstring’s areas of expertise is staffing. Our senior HCM bankers are attending the conference to meet with executives at companies who would like to discuss M&A plans and get advice about M&A within the industry.

Dave Phillips will also participate as a panelist for the “Dissecting M&A Transactions” session on Wednesday, October 16th. The panel of M&A experts will walk attendees through three real-life staffing transactions from the past 24 months, pointing out the fundamentals along with the unique components of both small and large transactions—including market conditions and consideration values.

If you are attending the conference, and would like to have a quick meeting, please email Jim at, Alan at or Dave at to schedule some time.